What Characters Are Always Free in MultiVersus?

What Characters Are Always Free in MultiVersus

Some characters are free in MultiVersus, while others have to be purchased. These characters rotate regularly, so you may be able to get your favorite characters at no charge.

There are also many different characters to choose from, including Taz from Looney Tunes, Harley Quinn, Bugs Bunny, and more!

Top Characters Are Always Free in MultiVersus

#1 Harley Quinn

The MultiVersus version of Harley Quinn has several cosmetic costume options. While she may lack team skills, her speed and combo potential make her a great option.

Harley Quinn

She can deliver large amounts of damage in a short amount of time using her big swinging neutral air attack and grounded down attack. She also has the ability to chain explosions and set traps.

#2 Bugs Bunny

One of the biggest questions gamers have in MultiVersus is whether or not the game’s Bugs Bunny will be nerfed. Thankfully, the MultiVersus director, Tony Huynh, said that the character is likely to remain free for all players.

Huynh also confirmed that Bugs Bunny will not be nerfed during the EVO Championship Series. The nerfs are expected to be applied to the character at the end of the tournament, but the character’s core identity is likely to remain intact.

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#3 Bugs Bunny as a Mage

In MultiVersus, you can play as Bugs Bunny, the Looney Tunes character. Bugs’ attack range is very wide, and he can use a variety of tricks.

Bugs Bunny as a Mage

From swinging mallets to hurling pies, he can do a lot of damage. His attacks are also very versatile, allowing him to keep opponents off guard and even trap them with long combos.

#4 Harley Quinn as a damage dealer

MultiVersus allows you to play as various characters from the DC Universe, including Harley Quinn and Batman. These characters have different skills and movesets.

For example, Harley Quinn has a fast kick that she can use to damage enemies. She also has a powerful downward ground attack that she can use to dash across the battlefield.

#5 Harley Quinn as a Mage

Whether you prefer to play as an Assassin or a Mage, you can find the perfect character to suit your style in MultiVersus. As an Assassin, you can deal massive damage to your enemies by using explosives and bat attacks. This class also allows you to come up with unique attack combos, which makes it a fun character to play.

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